July 04, 2006

Happy 4th, Everyone...Party Like It's 1999

The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday. I loved it for the weather, the celebrations, and in the past, even for our country. Of course, most people who know me know that I have little to no respect for our country these days. It's unfortunate, because I used to be somewhat patriotic. In light of our country's troubles, as dorky as it may sound, (and it possibly sounds dorky because I thought of it while I was drunk the other night) I decided to find another reason to love my old favorite holiday. Being called Independance Day is appropriate for one of my reasons: I feel free-finally. After the most depressing 3 years of my life, feeling trapped, I found my way back to Todd. We don't check up on each other any more than normal concern would warrant. We actually enjoy hanging out together, and it doesn't feel like I'm in prison...enough said. My other reason was quite simply this: memories. I have some of the greatest memories from past 4th celebrations, from all of July, really, and for that matter, any day of any month of years past. I have had some awesome people in my life. Some aren't there anymore. It hurts when some of your greatest times were spent with people you feel you will never have that same connection with again. Surprisingly, though, some of them come back to you. Todd is my proof of that. There have been some others in just the past couple of weeks, too, and strangely, it is almost as exciting as hooking back up with an old boyfriend. Things have changed, we are older, heavier, and burdened with more responsibility. It is good to know that there are some people who can come back into your life after so many years and you can pick up almost exactly where you left off. This 4th of July, because of some of these old friends, has left me feeling young, fun, and driven to succeed...like I was so many years ago. In honor of these people, I have decided to do a post for each one of them, in no particular order. A small paragraph is the least I can do. It's kind of a 4th of July resolution...in a way...maybe, not really...who knows. It's not like I'm the only one who mixes holidays. THIS MEANS YOU, SARAH!!


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