March 09, 2006

Cruisin' For A Bruisin'...This Means YOU, Joyce!

I could title it "Evil Bitch Part __" but there are so many evil Joyce stories that, well...I'm not sure numbers go up that high. After a little over 2 years, I finally got $60 of the only-Pete-knows how much she owes me back. It was like pulling teeth...although, I've never pulled a tooth, nor have I had one pulled, but it's probably something like getting money back from Joyce.

To truly understand how frustrating this is, you'd have to know the circumstances surrounding the lending of the money. There were several times both Todd and I were suckers, knowing full well what happens when the evil bitch gets a hold of your cash, but lending it anyway, seeing as we have a soft spot in our hearts for her husband.

The specific amount I'm in the process of getting back was a $250 dollar lend. It was for the purchase of her new house. She was going through some first time home owner or federal grant thingy or whatever it was, and the lender needed to see that she had a minimum of $2000 in her savings for a period of 2 months. I guess this shows them that the person they are lending the money to has enough money banked away to continue paying for their house if the worst were to happen.

Joyce swore to me that the money would be returned as soon as the lender guy was done checking up on them periodically. She reassured me that it wouldn't be spent, and that it just had to sit in her savings "for show." Reluctantly, I agreed to do it, thinking that if it didn't really need to be spent, there was no way I wouldn't get it back. Yeah, I know...I hadn't learned my lesson yet.

2 months passed, and when I asked for it, she replied, "Well, I needed to use it." Naturally, I argued with her about being a stupid bitch and a goddamned fucking liar...which she denied. I told her that maybe if she couldn't afford to actually have the money OF HER OWN that professional budget making folks tell her she needs, then maybe she wasn't ready to buy a house. She implied that I was young and stupid and knew nothing of finances.

So the years have passed, and by letting Jason know how pissed that whole situation has made me, I'm starting to see a little money come back my way. Understand that there is NO talking to Joyce. She is always right...and she has a long, gnarly-ass finger that she'll stick in your face while she's telling you so.

Anyway, Jason made a point of setting a portion of his check away for us. When we stopped by to get it, only Joyce was there...and she only gave us $60 of it. Todd tried to calmly discuss with her why it was wrong, and why we deserve our own money, but she wouldn't hear it. "Well, I have bills to pay, too!" she snarled. STUPID BITCH!! NOT WITH MY MONEY, YOU DON'T!

She just doesn't get it-probably never will. What pisses me off most now, is that EVERY time we see her, she's out somewhere just spending money. I see her car at the casino 3 or 4 times a week. Now I know you must be thinking, "In order to see her car there 3 0r 4 times a week, you must be going there 3 0r 4 times a week as well." Well, I do. And I love it. I have a great time, all my bills are paid, and I don't owe people hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. She does. As far as I see it, she's gambling on my dollar.

So tonight, I just got back from Wal-Mart. Sure enough, she was there with a cart full of shit. Not the necessities, like groceries and diapers, mind you...JUST PLAIN SHIT. "JOYCE!!" I yelled. I was ready to give her a piece of my mind, and possibly my fist, but do you know what the stupid bitch did? She looked right at me, turned her head, and kept walking, as if she didn't even see me. Now, being at home, and a little less pissed (believe it or not), I realize that it's probably a good thing I didn't start a fight with Joyce in the middle of Wal-Mart. It wouldn't look good for Todd's new Tire and Lube Express job there.

It's just that she has the nerve, when she's leaving a store with an armful of bags or passes me at the casino, to say to me, "I thought you needed money, what are you doing here?" Bitch, I don't NEED money. I WANT my money. YOU have it. It doesn't matter what I want it back for, even if it's to take it from her hands and literally flush it down the toilet. It's my money.

Okay...I'm done...for now, anyway. Just had to bitch about the bitch for a few.


At Thursday, March 09, 2006 11:38:00 PM, Blogger sunny said...

Man, I'm so happy that he's a stand-up guy and is trying to get your money back for you. It's a shame you've got to pry it from her gnarly-ass fingers, though.

Next time you see her out spending someone else's money, you need to nip it in the bud and ask her about her "bills" at the bar before she can ask you why you're spending. Not that it makes any sense for her to ask that in the first damn place, you understand, but because she's just doing it so you can't. Head her off at the pass!


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