December 27, 2005

They Say Every Dream Has A Hidden Meaning

I was taking Sammie to work...but this time it was not Wal-Mart! For some reason she worked in this project-style brick building in an un-named ghetto...doing what, I'm not sure. Instead of driving back home, I waited in the car for her to finish. As I was waiting, I noticed scary ghetto people with guns heading for my car. Frantically, I began to lock my car before I could lock the drivers door, a guy with a dirty face and gold teeth opened it and started to grab me. I managed to lean back, stick both feet out the door, and kick him a fairly good distance from the car! I quickly slammed the door shut, thinking I was now safe, but no sooner did the thought of safety cross my mind, than I realized that all my windows were open. More guys were headed toward my car, but as fast as I could, I turned the key and pressed each button to roll the windows up. As each window hit the top, it shattered. My first thought at the cracked windows and broken glass all over my car was not that these bad guys could now get in. It was, "Damn! Now my car looks like SHIT! I'm going to have to vaccuum all this glass up. I can't afford to get four new windows for my car. This SUCKS!" So what did I do? Drum roll, please....I began to knit a curtain for each broken window while I finished my wait for Sammie. I even chose a nice grey color of yarn to match the interior.



At Wednesday, December 28, 2005 12:30:00 PM, Blogger sunny said...


This dream clearly means that at one point Sammie lived in a scary ghetto and you remember being frightened to leave your car. And clearly you've got knitbrains. It happens to the best of us. Or, seeing as it's you and me, the mediocre-est of us.


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