December 20, 2005

The Sweet Adelines Were On To Something

One Halloween, Sarah and I were going to dress up like the Sweet Adelines, a group of old women from the Shawano area. They all sing and operate local booths like the cream puff stand at the Shawano fair.

Our method of dressing up like them was to wear bright red hats and purple clothing, being as that is how we saw them dressed several times.

It turns out, the Sweet Adelines are a group of old women who belong to another group of old women called The Red Hat Society.

Check that out...not only would it make for a great Halloween costume, but it's a pretty cool idea on its own!


At Thursday, May 11, 2006 6:38:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet Adelines International is an orgainization dedicated to the art of four part, acappella, barber shop style singing. There are thousands of these choruses all over the world! Most choruses compete yearly by region. Every year there is an international competition. This year is in Las Vegas! We have nothing to do with the Red Hat Society.


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