December 09, 2005

My Todd

Yesterday, after telling me that he would pay the $700 left on my furniture bill, Todd picked Sky and Rhain (my two oldest nephews) up to go cut a Christmas tree. They set off through snow, into the woods on his family's hunting land, and found a great one. He brought it to my sister's house and set it up.

When I was through with work, I stopped at LeeAnn's house to check out the tree, and stuck on the fridge with a magnet was a story in sloppy child handwriting:
Today Todd is bring us to get a christums tree. We are so exited. He will take
us to the woods but it won't be scary cus Todd is theeree.

After my visit with LeeAnn, she called me to say the Christmas tree had tipped over and she wasn't able to put it back up by herself. I told her I would send Todd over in the morning to fix it. It turns out, though, I didn't even have to. Mason had forgotten his backpack at LeeAnn's house, and Todd volunteered to go back for it. While he was there, he put the tree back up and made sure it was sturdy.

When he fell asleep next to me that night, I looked at him and thought, "I couldn't possibly love this person anymore than I do right now." But looking at him when I was only 17, I thought the same thing.


At Friday, December 09, 2005 1:50:00 PM, Blogger sunny said...

You got your Todd, and I couldn't possibly be happier for the both of you. You deserve each other, in the good way.

I'm glad you're back up and running, dude.


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