December 16, 2005

KNIT ME SOME PANTS, BABY (And Other Random Thoughts)

I need pants. Every pair of pants I have are a) ripped at the belt loops, b) ripped in the crotch, c) have a busted zipper, d) too big or too small...usually too small, or e) showing my ass crack.

This sucks. I was down to one final pair of jeans, that at their best, never look clean no matter how I wash them. Today I saw the tell-tale signs of a crotch rip beginning. Damn. I guess some of that extra cash is going to a pair of pants.

I need shoes. Can you knit shoes? Probably not a good idea. The shoe situation is pretty much the same as the pants situation, only the shoes don't rip in the crotch, as much as the sides, and they certainly don't show my ass crack, only my toes...well one toe left big toe.

I need to hurry the hell up with a few certain Christmas gifts. I think I'll start tonight and continue until I fall asleep or have to go back to work.

Lizz told me that after her and Jamie got married, they were just going to make up a NEW last name, because they didn't like his or hers. They finally did and everything. Alezetes is the name. A couple of years ago, Lizz told me what that meant, but I don't remember.

My dad works at a nursing home, and Todd and I went to this open house thing there about a week ago. Someone called and told Todd he won one of the door prizes (typoed 'dood prizes'...sick) and to pick it up....hmmmm.....wonder what it is.

Todd gets to go to a state bowling tournament. It's in Fondulac, and lasts for a couple of days. I get to go too! We're staying in a hotel. How exciting. Well, to me anyway.


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